Claiming Liberty

The Proving Grounds pt. 1

Players in attendance: Adam (Delilah), Ben (Strandu), Daniel(Geraldo), Hunter (Mang’nok’co), Stuart (Zook)

The party met their contact with the underground, Mordwalis. Unfortunately, they did not make a good first impression. Even with this minor setback, they succeeded in obtaining their first mission: to steal the treasure trove from the Cardian baron in Lincrest.

Once the party arrived at the keep they attempted to use convert means to gain entry.

Dalilah dressed as a noblewoman and pretended that Mang’nok’co and Geraldo were her bodyguards.
Strandu used his great diplomacy to reason his way inside.
Zook, however, failed in his endeavor. After climbing to the second story, he was pushed off the wall by some guards who were standing next to the window. When we left off, he was running for his life.


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